Saturday, June 16, 2012

Okay, so this is not exactly diet and exercise-related, but I have to share with you that my first novel -- a western titled A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S GUNFIGHT -- is coming out this summer! I have written I don't know how many words in my half century of roaming this planet, I have published hoards of short stories and been included in a number of collections and anthologies, but this feel big.

My first published novel.

There is an interesting little tie-in to the true point of this blog. When I moved to Nashville a quarter century ago, I had reached the ever-elusive "goal weight" of 200 pounds (198 to be exact). When I hit town, lean and mean, everything seemed to fall into place. Withing a month, I had gotten into the top music publishers, I had been the subject of an Associated Press story about the next up-and-coming songwriter, I had purchased my first cowboy boots -- from Garth Brooks -- and I had arrived.

So let me be clear: I do not believe nor support the thinking that "once I get to my perfect weight, my life, too, will be perfect." But for me, being at my healthy weight made me feel better. Physically and psychologically. My blood pressure went down, my cholesterol went down, I had more energy, I slept more soundly.

To quote Martha Stewart, it was a good thing.

So now, as my first novel is about to get published, I am once again approaching my healthy weight. My highest has been 282. For years now, I have gone up and down between 275 and 260. Now I am in the low 240s and will soon see the 230s for the first time in 5 years. Even that was short-lived, though. The last time I was in the 230s for any significant length of time was back around the time Josh was born. And he is now 16.

So I will continue to slowly but surely get healthier...just in time to promote my FIRST PUBLISHED NOVEL, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S GUNFIGHT!

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